Why I love Brooke Davis

It all started with the show, One Tree Hill. To be honest, I was never a big fan of the show when I was eleven. I would catch snippets of it- or be forced to watch an episode by my older sister who had stolen the remote before I could get to it. Though all the characters were a blur and the story line wasn’t interesting enough for my eleven year old self, one character stuck out tome. (I mean, other than the catchy theme song of course) Two words, three syllables. Brooke Davis.

She was the reason that I decided to re-watch One Tree Hill again. In my eleven year old memory, she was the prettiest crier I had ever seen (still is) and I couldn’t help but love the hopeless relationship she had with Lucas Scott. It was always on and off; and almost always ended with Brooke crying her pretty cry, (seriously if you don’t think she has the prettiest sad face ever, exit this page) or screaming at Lucas to love her back. Sigh. So hopelessly tragic. So, that was the image I had in mind when I decided to watch One Tree Hill again; I was fascinated by the girl who loved hard, but was never loved enough.

And after almost watching all nine seasons in one month, (okay, I had just finished exams and I needed to blow off some steam so instead of judging me maybe you should continue reading..thanks)  I was right. To be fascinated with her, I mean. Brooke Davis transformed from the brainless party chick to someone who held the entire show together. She was the girl people thought they could sum up. Looking at her, they crossed her off as just some pretty, materialistic, cheerleader. What looking at her didn’t tell you was that her parents were never around. And no, they weren’t doing anything super important or anything…they were just on vacation. Permanently. In fact, throwing her a credit card and zooming off to Bali to party and golf pretty much sums up their parenting skills.

Learning to survive on her own and putting on her big girl pants allowed Brooke to be the fiercely independent and loyal girl that blows me away. Brooke Davis’s heart was as big as the moon. Her loyalty to her best friend Peyton and her willingness to do absolutely anything for her friends and family is inspiring. Maybe it was the fact that she knew how to go life alone which is why she was always, always there when her friends needed her. In her relationship with Lucas, Brooke gave her all. She loved hard. She always loved hard. (But you did NOT want to get on her bad side, she could be your worst nightmare in two seconds (those feisty slaps she gave were unforgettable.You go, B. Davis!))Though Lucas caught a glimpse of Brooke’s character, and it seemed like he loved her, it was just not enough. His attention was almost always on Peyton Sawyer, consciously or unconsciously because he was always looking for someone to save. And our Brooke was not the pitiful, ‘save me’ type. She was strength in itself. She struggled with the fact that she was always there for people but in the end, no one was there for her. Most of all though, Brooke was a sucker for love, weddings, and babies. She never gave up hope even when her best-friend and boyfriend broke her heart by sneaking around together, twice. Even when in the end, she realized that it was, and would always be, Peyton Sawyer and Lucas Scott.

(this video is most definitely one of my favourite scenes in the entire show; it sums up Brooke’s struggle during her relationship with Lucas…and confirms that I was right about her being a pretty crier (too unfair))

Honestly I could go on about my girl crush on B. Davis for days. I mean, the girl started her own fashion company at the age of eighteen and made it a multi-million dollar cooperation by the age of twenty-two. Hashtag, girl boss. If that doesn’t do it for you, I don’t know what will. Yet most of all, I am in awe of the girl who never felt like she was enough. The girl who hid her broken heart behind a dimpled smile and a determination that almost always landed her with success. The girl who’s heart was way too big for her boots. The girl that took life by storm. Brooke Penelope Davis. The girl who was beautiful, loyal, and fierce.

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Waiting For Mr. Right.

The thing is, waiting is scary. Point-blank, period. I mean, it can be an exciting experience or an exciting emotion to feel, but to me, it’s just nerve-racking. To me, waiting means trusting in something bigger than myself. Someone, bigger than myself. How can I trust in something I don’t know will happen? Something I can’t see? But that is exactly who God is. Something I can’t see. Something I can’t see…but I know that I know that I know, exists. Waiting means giving my faith a chance to work. Giving my faith in God a chance to do amazing things.

I’ve had a couple of friends ask me why I’m still single. Why I don’t have a boyfriend. Or why I haven’t dated anyone since however long they’ve known me…and the truth is, I’m waiting. As cliche as it sounds, I am waiting for Mr. Right. But not just Mr. Right, but Mr. Loves-Jesus-with-all-his-heart. I am waiting for God’s best, because I know that when God places this guy in my life, It will be more beautiful than I ever could’ve imagined. Of course I’m human and I still doubt…

I doubt that I will ever meet this person that will pour into me as I pour into him. Who will get on his face and pray for me, as I do him. I doubt that I will meet a guy who loves Jesus with all his heart as I do. Someone who will sacrifice daily for God’s will, someone who will constantly push me towards God, and someone who will love me like Jesus does…I mean come on, it’s 2015 right?

Wrong. I mean, yes it is 2015, and yes I read a slightly depressing statistic that said that 85 percent of relationships end in break-ups,and an even more depressing face book post that explained what we call a ‘relationship’ in 2015 which was the epitome of the phrase, ‘friends with benefits’, and the fact that seemingly all the guys that ‘like’ me, have rubbish intentions… But you know what? Faith is believing in the impossible. The bible tells me that with God, all things are possible. So I choose to trust, I choose to believe, and I choose to WAIT. And while I’m waiting? I choose to serve God with all my heart, all my soul, and all my mind.