Snippet of Daily Wears

Hey lovelies! I’ve been meaning to create content that includes fashion, yet I wasn’t sure how or what exactly I wanted to share with you guys… It’s been a trying couple of weeks but God is still good!

My style has always had a European twist to it, yet I always have to somehow change it up from the popular fashion everyone’s wearing, and make it a little bit more Leanne. I’ve noticed (Especially when I was back in the UK last year) that popular fashion is becoming very 80’s/ 90’s inspired and I absolutely love that! Polonecks are back in, and so are big baggy jeans. Hashtag, YAAS! So here are a couple of the looks I wore out and about during the week!

outfit 2 edited
{Mustard Contemporary Fuzzy Polo-neck – Forever 21} & {Baggy Jeans – Thrifted, Salvation Army}
outfit 4 edited
{Grey Polo-Neck Sweater – Forever 21}, {Black Skirt – Primark}, {Leggings – Urban Planet}, {Black Flats – Walmart}
outfit 1 edited
{Striped Long Sleeve Crop Top – Urban Planet} & {Flowy Tribal Pants – Urban Planet}

It’s getting really chilly where I live, so stacking up the warm clothes, yet still looking put together is a must!

Here’s a little encouragement for you guys during these winter months…

“….Happy is the man who fears (respects, honors) the LORD, taking great delight in His commands…they will have no fear of bad news; their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the LORD…” -Psalm 112: 1-7

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Hello, I'm Leanne, a blogger and Youtuber from England, currently living in Canada. I am 20 years old, a dreamer, slightly obsessed with the art of writing, fashion, acting, and almost everything in-between. Most importantly though, I am a a girl who's soul is set on fire for Jesus Christ and lives her life daily to please Him! On this blog, expect to find fashion tips, Lifestyle posts, and encouragements for a walk with God! Thanks for stopping by, Hope you stick around! Passionately, Leanne

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