Bittersweet October

Ahh, isn’t October just lovely? I mean, I loved autumn in England but in Canada? It is absolutely gorgeous! The sun dims, the weather cools, and the leaves and trees become vibrant shades of red, gold, orange, purple and so much more. The most exciting part for me is getting my autumn on. Yes, I mean, literally getting my autumn on. Doing some shopping for trendy yet warm clothes that gives me a bounce as I walk might be one of my favourite things about autumn! I did a little shopping for the upcoming colder months (And in Canada, when I say colder months? I mean, freezing-my-arse-off and feeling-like-I-might-die. I assure you, it’s no joke.) that I am so excited to wear. Granted, they are simple but are oh so very chic. (I might have to do an Autumn haul post soon!) Fashion is a little thing I might have held unto a leetle too tightly since I moved from the UK!

Now let’s try and make the title of this blog make a bit of sense, shall we? Why is October bittersweet you may ask? Well, even though it is absolutely gorgeous out, Uni for me, is getting extremely hectic. Midterm exams are here and I have waay too many assignments due! And it doesn’t help that I sleep at 2 am everyday and wake up feeling like crap everyday. Not some days or once a week wake-up-feeling-like-crap but everyday, everyday! Yes, it is most definitely due to my lack of self-discipline and self-control but in my defense, it never feels too late at the time…till I wake up for my 8 am lecture slightly hating myself. So I basically have no worthy defense…

Anyway, I have see the error of my ways! You know it’s time to change things up when you have eye bags the size of your fist, and you don’t have the motivation to look like a human being in the morning. It’s time to get organized, stop procrastinating and spend some much needed time at Jesus’ feet!

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Hello, I'm Leanne, a blogger and Youtuber from England, currently living in Canada. I am 20 years old, a dreamer, slightly obsessed with the art of writing, fashion, acting, and almost everything in-between. Most importantly though, I am a a girl who's soul is set on fire for Jesus Christ and lives her life daily to please Him! On this blog, expect to find fashion tips, Lifestyle posts, and encouragements for a walk with God! Thanks for stopping by, Hope you stick around! Passionately, Leanne

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